Super Secret Exciting News Revealed!

Ya forget about that whole, I’m in the hospital thing. I’m okay and am moving out of the ICU as I type. “Hey nurse let go of my laptop, I’m not done with this post!” Sheesh, on to the real news.

My super secret podcast I’ve been helping to develop has been approved and the pilot episode has just released. So fire up your itunes or your favorite RSS reader and subscribe to us. Whether you like comics or not we need the listener count. Click on the link below or the image above to read the article and download the episode directly and get instructions for itunes.

I record with a cool Christian guy in Texas via Skype. He writes the show notes and comic reviews and I edit the audio for the show and create the banner for the website postings. The Comic Addiction is a network with many podcasts and I’m stoked that they picked up our Wildstorm edition. It’s the only Wildstorm podcast out there. Many have come and failed. Ours will rock! If you notice my heavy breathing in the recording that’s because I should’ve gone to the hospital a week ago. Enjoy the geekiness everyone and thanks for all of the well wishes! I’m finally getting out of ICU in a few minutes!!!!

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  1. I actually listened to most of the pod cast. My son really is a comic geek. But I am proud of him.

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