I’m on a gurney!

Sunday morning update: Still on a gurney! Hopefully I’ll be moved out of the ICU today. I got busted by the morning staff tearing off all of my wires and hoses. I’m not an invalid, I’m a human!

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  1. Oh Ben,

    Keep getting BETTER!!!!!!! You look cute in that outfit, but we need you to get well! Praying for you always!

    l,aunt bon

    from Bird In The Hand, PA

  2. Haha – nice Brian Regan reference! We’re hoping you’re off that gurney pretty soon, but this is a pretty sweet picture. We love you, Ben!!!!

  3. Hi Ben.. My name is Danielle (Beley) Dean. We went to high school together but I never got the chance to really know you.. I did however have the fortune of making friends which meant in turn, making fun of Betsy Beyers with Jane in high school and was lucky enough to have Becky as a buddy to roll our eyes at each other at the expense of our theater professor at Geneva.
    That said, over the past few months, following Jane and Becky’s FB updates, I feel like I’ve come to know you. My heart goes out to you and your family for the uncertainty that goes along with having the ‘Big C’. But truly when you think about it.. life is uncertain. I have to tell you that going thru updates on your sister’s pages’ and seeing the picture album of shaving your head and your journey thus far, I don’t feel that I can really give you any advice.. I don’t feel that I can be uplifting b/c I’m in awe of how you, your wife, and your family have taken this process on as a battle. Your sister’s are so cute when they talk about what round of chemo you’re on and how you are going to ‘kick cancer booty’. It’s almost as though they are talking about you going into a basketball or soccer game… Like the whole family blasts ‘Lose Yourself’ on the way to chemo to get pumped up. And I’m sure that you’ve set the tone for the positive way they are handling it.

    People stammer and search for the right words when someone is sick. I won’t tell you to keep your head up, stay positive, or believe that God will bring you through this b/c it’s very evident, just in their posts and your pictures that you already know all of that. My grandmother was diagnosed recently with small cell carcinoma.. I was scared, devastated and frozen with panic for a few moments and then I thought about you and it brought me true comfort and peace. I thought about Jane and Becky’s posts and thought, ‘We have a choice how we’re going to deal with this and we’re going to fight, remain positive, and know that it’s already all in God’s hands.’ I just thought you might like to know while you are in the hospital.. probably unexpectedly.. flashing from time to time that, ‘This sucks,’ that you, your family, your outlook and your positivity really helped me with how I dealt w/cancer, personally.

    I’m praying for you, your wife, and your family.. as is my entire family. I hope that you get out of there soon and can get home ASAP.. but if you are in the hospital I hope you’re making the most of it and resting as much as possible (not to mention getting your wife to throw a boatload of juices and ice cream treats into her purse from the nurses’ kitchenette)!!
    God Bless you… and thank you, Ben!
    Your new friend,

  4. Praying for you Ben and Sara!!! Thinking of you as we keep pushing play with eh X and Tony!!!

  5. Love the heart! Your smiles are beautiful. We’re praying for you to get out of there!

  6. Jess, Lexie and I send well wishes. Good to hear you’ll be getting out of the ICU. As much as I wish you weren’t sick in any way, I’m glad that someone is making you take a break. Take this time to rest and heal. And watch the Pens.
    Lexie dictated a message to me but it was somewhat nonsensical and would have confused me typing it and you reading it. Suffice it to say, you’re in our thoughts and prayers.

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