Get Me Outta Here!!!

Woolbert is trying to keep me sane, really he is, but how sane am I for talking to my little stuff lamb buddie? I am going crazy! Four, count em with me, four full days in the hospital. Granted days 1 and 2 I needed to be here. Because I was a really sick dude on a deathwish needing oxygen in the worst way. Day 3 was debatable, but understood. Day 4! What are you guys trying to get me to flip out on someone! Thank goodness for the internet, but it can only take you so far.

For those just catching up if you haven’t gotten your news through Sara’s FB page. I supposedly have Interstitial Pneumonia – WebMD. I’m not really sure what that means but you can check out the webMD link. All I know is that one of the drugs given to me during my chemo treatments Bleomycin – wikipedia kinda jacked me up hard and is supposedly the culprit of this fun weekend I’m having. The doctors still haven’t received the final results on my Bronchoscopy – wikipedia. Which is why they were so hesitant to send me home today. So no test, no nothing, just a lot of sitting around. BUT SARA IS THE BEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD!!! …next to Woolbert 😉

Tomorrow morning I will have a CT scan and hopefully if that looks good they’ll send me home with a list of antibiotics to pick up at the Giant Eagle pharmacy. The Bronchoscopy labs are being done in Shady Side which is why they take so long to get back. So for the past 4 days they’ve just been shooting fish in a barrel giving me all sorts of antibiotics and steroids not really knowing which is working for what I have going on. But some thing is working because I feel great and normal…just a little crazy.

So that’s that. My oxygen levels are holding up well into the upper 90’s and I haven’t run a fever in two days. I’m getting really tired of laying around so I make Sara take me on many walks to see the same “sites”. It’s not very far but it does help to stretch the legs. And the food is forming a massive brick in my stomach, I so need real people food, they are killing these people. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution help out the hospitals too dude!!!! This is where people are trying to live!

But I digress, have a lovely day everyone in the real world, I’ll just be right here with Woolbert by my side and crazy nurses that try to kill me from time to time. Sounds like fun, no?

3 thoughts on “Get Me Outta Here!!!”

  1. Hang in there Benny, you’ll soon be set free! We are all just so thankful that you are on the mend! Very! It’s been pretty scary with you not being able to breathe!!!!!!!

    You know we love you!
    A, b

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