Guess who is back in the hospital?

Go ahead, I dare ya.

Working on my beardUpdate: I was released on Tuesday Apr 20th in the afternoon from UPMC  Passavant North Hills and finally got home around 2:30pm. At around 2:30am on Apr 21st my face and jaw were all puffed up due to the antibiotics that they sent me home with. So at we got to the Cranberry ER at about 3am. Hives broke out all over my stomach and back while I was in the ER and it was super itchy. I was very miserable. My stomach was in knots which apparently also had to do with some of the antibiotics that I was given over the weekend. Sometime in the wee hours a pulmonary specialist showed up and finally gave us the results of the bronchoscopy wash that they did on Saturday morning confirming that it is indeed PCP pneumonia due to the Bleomycin given to me during the last 6 months of chemo treatment. I was admitted to Cranberry and spent the night there.

I’ve enjoyed a lovely 12 hours at home during the past 6 days. Because I’m having such harsh reactions to the original antibiotics I was given I have to take a very specific and rare kind of chemo/antibiotic to combat the PCP pneumonia which has it’s own set of side effects and complications that I don’t look forward to. I’ll have to take it through my port for the next 14-21 days so I’m not quite sure what that means for going to work. The drug is called Pentamidine.

The most frustrating thing is that I feel just fine. I’m mobile, aware, and very very annoyed at having to be in these creepy places by myself. I’m not really sure where we go from here: I’m waiting on an infectious disease Dr. Romano to see if I can get the heck out of here today and figure out a schedule for giving me this drug daily.

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  1. You still look cute though! : )

    Wonder if I should get Sara a sexy nurse outfit to wear while she administers your medicine?

  2. just go Hulk on the place and bust everything up! No not really but it might be therapeutic. Praying healing and comfort

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