Wow, where to begin? It’s been nearly 8 months since my last posting. That’s honestly pathetic and I have no excuse for it. Let’s try to keep that from happening again Bennyboy.

Okay, so you know we’ve been living with Sara’s padres and been anxiously awaiting the start of our house. Well the wait is over. Wayne Homes has officially broken ground, the footers have been poured, and the block is going up this week. It’s so awesome to see it finally happening.

Other oddities and news: You’ve heard it here first kiddies, I’m slowly being corrupt by the darkside that is Apple. I acquired a MacMini from a web design job and have technically given it to Sara as a present and her own computer. However I have fallen in love with it’s cute little form factor and it’s awesomeness as a webserver. I work daily with macosx at my job and I’ve really got to hand it to them, the os and software is top notch. I am excited about the Intel switch, but it’s not enough for me, I’d much rather build my own machine and buy a seat of tiger and ilife to run on it.

However you can’t beat building your own PC so until that day. I’m stuck with wanting my own MacMini (because it’s the only affordable Apple machine) and waiting for the OS to be released to the world and in direct competition with Microsoft.

More news to come soon..