Fun New Things

What a hum-dinger of a week we’ve been having. We’ve had two big goals since moving home just over a month ago, buy/build a house and buy Sara a car. Sara and I have been looking into building a house on the farm this week and we’ve gotten to tour some model homes which has been a lot of fun. Last night Sara and I bought her a car. Finally I found one worth getting, because trying to buy Sara a used car was getting really frustrating. It’s a used ’97 Honda Civic EX, fully loaded including moonroof with only 52K miles on it. It’s was a really good deal, hopefully she’ll (the car, named Vicki by Sara) be real good to us. After we picked up her new car in Butler we met Sara’s parents at the rodeo at the Butler Farmgrounds. Our first ever rodeo, it was great fun! Here are some pictures of last night’s exciting adventure. We also ran into Jillby and Zeke at the rodeo. Jill caught a frizbee that the rodeo clown was throwing out. At least we now have half of our big ticket items taken care of. I was getting sick of driving Sara to work everyday anyways, just kidding babe 😉
*Update: I forgot to mention the new addition to the farm. ‘Big Mama’ finally had her calf at the beggining of this week. George tenatively named him Murphy because of his long legs. He’s really tall for a new born calf, I’ll put a picture of him up here soon.