From Parkways to Pastures : Day 6

Day 6:

Let there be light! Finally a sunny day, it took almost an entire week, but the sun reared its face and gave this place some love. The oppresive grayness has deminished. I took the car to Mr. Smith?s for a tune-up and PA car inspection. Since I had to leave my car Aunt Bonnie picked me up and I spent the day over there. We had a good time, I played with Zeker?s a bunch and helped Aunt Bonnie with her computer some. Abigail came over to do some stuff and I eventually picked Sara up to hang out as well since my car was taking a lot longer than I thought it was going to.

We went outside after some grilled cheese sandwiches and played on the trampoline. Sara told me that she?s never been on a large trampoline before and I couldn?t believe her. I still don?t in fact, how can anyone have never been on a big trampoline? Since every Wal-Mart across America sells them things for under $400 now I thought they were a staple in every yard. Oh well, she had fun. We are heading back over there tonight for a Skybacher Ministries? meeting and for some Buzzies Pizza.

After we picked up my car I went outside because George was feeding the cows. I decided to snag my camera and took some pictures since the sun was finally out. It wasn?t especially warm out, but very nice none the less.