From Parkways to Pastures : Day 5

Day 5:
Worst day ever! We got up really early to hit the DMZ up for some PA state drivers licenses. Wouldn?t you know it, it?s impossible to get one. Not because the original birth certificates, social security cards, and Illinois drivers licenses weren?t enough. It was because we didn?t have enough mail with our new address. Well, we did, but gees were they freaking so picky about it. Hand written letters that have been stamped and gone through the postal system to the new address, sorry Charlie, not enough. Give me a break.

The whole day wasn?t a wash at least. We did manage to get our car insurance taken care of and also the car registered and a new plate for it. I also took the car down and got the transmission fluid changed and the system flushed. If you?ve never done this before and you?ve owned your car for about 5 or more years, I highly recommend this. Then I got the car washed and all spiffed up. So it started crappy and got better. Not much else happened.