From Parkways to Pastures : Day 4

Day 4:

Sara and I received massages from my mom this morning. Then we took her out to lunch as a thank you. We?ve been pretty sore because of all the moving. Afterwards we picked up our Race for the Cure bibs, which is a 5k that benefits Breast Cancer research on Mother?s Day in Schenley Park in Pittsburgh.

When we got home we cleaned more stuff up. I replaced the cow pasture toilet seat cover, um gross. I organized the attic a bit and I hung up the rest of our pictures and clocks too. I think we are almost done with moving stuff in and re-arranging.

Finally, no one was gorging us with food and we just had leftovers. Still though, they were some pretty tasty leftovers to boot. After dinner Sara left to pick up Amanda and they were headed to American Eagle and Barnes & Noble in Cranberry.

These posts seem to be getting smaller and smaller each day.