Party like it's 2004

We made it back alive! Here is a bunch of links you should all get familiar with. (my professional website that will be getting a facelift soon) (our photo gallery of sorts, i am finally getting around to adding all of the wedding photos taken in print resolution) (if you made it to this page you must have googled me behind my back)

Not much is planned for the big New Year’s Eve bash tomorrow. We are just trying to do some winter cleaning since we’ve been so busy lately.

I will be posting another section off of my domain soon for family tree info. This will be a secure page and will have contact information for all of our family so that we can reach one another. There will probably be some excel, word, or pdf downloads from here. We’ll see how soon this happens, I have some job related things to take care of first.

Christmas Time!!!

You can feel it in the air… the one special time of year. Sara and I are gearing up for the big trip home, with lots of presents for the good boys and girls.

Here is a fun winter game to get you in the mood Snow is better in handfuls!

This is the first ever blog entry. Who knows if there will ever be another.