Not Going Down In This Fight Without…


looking like a complete badass!!

Or a baboon’s ass, I haven’t decided yet. However while Sara was filling my love tank by giving me the best haircut of my adult life(guys usually stop getting this summer only haircut after the 3rd grade), I couldn’t help but think Jason Statham. Okay so I’m not that badass…but there may be hope! Maybe if I work on the accent, crotchety attitude, and stubbly face just a little bit more.

I guess I don’t really need to explain what Sara and I did this Saturday night after I worked in the basement all day long. A picture is worth a thousand words right? She says I can only keep it for two days, but we’ll see how well I can play my cards. I think everyone I work with would love to see this in person. Don’t you?


6 thoughts on “Not Going Down In This Fight Without…”

  1. I love the new look, Ben, but I think I’ll like a shaved head better (it’s a little more popular these days than a mohawk). Tell Sara she looks very sexy in her sweatshirt and flannel pants. Actually, I thought that she looks like me in the picture when I first looked at it! Love you both!

  2. Saw you rockin’ the Mohawk at The Edge. You look like one Bad Man! I vote yes! I think you’ve got to go with at least one more day for the Dick’s crowd.

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