White Blood Cells – Fail!

Well my second chemo treatment on Monday was a dud. They always do blood work before they begin treatment to ensure that everything is good to go. My white blood cell count was knocked down too low to give me treatment. We were kind of wondering what was taking so long because the first time I was treated it only took about fifteen minutes for my blood work to come back. I guess they are double and triple checking my counts to make sure that they were reading it right.

Which sucks because now I will be a week behind and it just pushes off the inevitable anyway. Oh well, I guess I’ll let you know how it goes next week instead. They said that if this persists they will have to add another drug to my regiment to stimulate white blood cell regeneration. Just what I need, more drugs! The drug they are talking about giving me is Neupogen -(wikipedia link), for the curious. Better luck next time I guess!

Today I was hoping to get my braces off. I was scheduled for a “check for de-banding” at Dr. Kingas’ office this morning. In my mind that meant take these buggers off of me. But in reality that meant, lets take a look and let you suffer for two more weeks. Thankfully though his schedule was all booked up and the next best date is one week from today, hooray! So next Wednesday I should have a pearly new smile for everyone to enjoy. I’m pretty excited, nobody loves a brace-face!

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