Tearing Down the Castle


As many know I’ve worked hard over the past two years at the gym almost everyday.  My friend Tim has shown me that I can achieve any goal with my body that I have set out.  Before I switched jobs in March of 2007 I was a 155-160lb wuss, since then I’m a steady 185lb beefcake. At least that’s what a few have deemed me.  I finally feel like my size had caught up to my height.  I say that like it just happened one day, but in reality it took eating like a maniac and lifting seriously heavy weights that scare the crap out of me.  My ultimate goal was to hit and maintain the mid 190’s and have an awesome Tony Horton Beachbody™ for Myrtle Beach next week.  However August’s news and crazy amounts of surgery and tests have squashed that plan.

I’m not going to let it all go though. Depending on how I feel on Monday will really determine my mindset for these next six months.  I’m hoping to bounce right back from it and hit the gym on Tuesday.

Thank you for everyone that has sent me an email, sent me a card, wished me well, and more.  I really appreciate all of the support.  I’m going to need a lot more for the next half of the year.

p.s. – The port that you see in my chest was inserted yesterday and it is sore and kinda hurts like a b1*ch!  I couldn’t raise my arms and flex even if I wanted to.

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