Much Needed Break


Finally a much needed vacation! I needed to relieve some built up stress over the last few months of crazy tests and procedures.  Much deserved? That I am not too convinced of. I’ve been quite a space cadet during these past few months at work, I can’t say I’ve been able to carry my own load lately. I need to step it up.

Myrtle Beach however was great. The weather was expected to be iffy, but the sun was shinning on Garden City all week long. We had just a few rains here and there but they didn’t interfere with our fun in the sun. “The boys” all got a little scorched the first day out, thanks to our ladies. I don’t think we will be hiring them to lube us up before our big muscle men shows. Gross, moving on!

We made sure our bases were covered for the week: massive amounts of sleep, fun in the sun, sand in the shorts, salt in the eyes, playing cards games and speed scrabble, swinging a few golf clubs, eating ourselves silly, puking in toilets, reading lots of comics, rocking the baby to sleep, visiting family, learning what white people like, watching the weather channel and cash cab, playing with fireworks, killing cockroaches, and many more things!

To top off the week Johnboy and I decided on sharing an experience everyone should share with people they love most: food poisoning. I’m just sorry that I couldn’t share it with my newest brother-in-law as well; Neil you lucky dog!

More updates tomorrow kids, stay tuned!