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Wow, where to begin? It’s been nearly 8 months since my last posting. That’s honestly pathetic and I have no excuse for it. Let’s try to keep that from happening again Bennyboy.

Okay, so you know we’ve been living with Sara’s padres and been anxiously awaiting the start of our house. Well the wait is over. Wayne Homes has officially broken ground, the footers have been poured, and the block is going up this week. It’s so awesome to see it finally happening.

Other oddities and news: You’ve heard it here first kiddies, I’m slowly being corrupt by the darkside that is Apple. I acquired a MacMini from a web design job and have technically given it to Sara as a present and her own computer. However I have fallen in love with it’s cute little form factor and it’s awesomeness as a webserver. I work daily with macosx at my job and I’ve really got to hand it to them, the os and software is top notch. I am excited about the Intel switch, but it’s not enough for me, I’d much rather build my own machine and buy a seat of tiger and ilife to run on it.

However you can’t beat building your own PC so until that day. I’m stuck with wanting my own MacMini (because it’s the only affordable Apple machine) and waiting for the OS to be released to the world and in direct competition with Microsoft.

More news to come soon..

Fun New Things

What a hum-dinger of a week we’ve been having. We’ve had two big goals since moving home just over a month ago, buy/build a house and buy Sara a car. Sara and I have been looking into building a house on the farm this week and we’ve gotten to tour some model homes which has been a lot of fun. Last night Sara and I bought her a car. Finally I found one worth getting, because trying to buy Sara a used car was getting really frustrating. It’s a used ’97 Honda Civic EX, fully loaded including moonroof with only 52K miles on it. It’s was a really good deal, hopefully she’ll (the car, named Vicki by Sara) be real good to us. After we picked up her new car in Butler we met Sara’s parents at the rodeo at the Butler Farmgrounds. Our first ever rodeo, it was great fun! Here are some pictures of last night’s exciting adventure. We also ran into Jillby and Zeke at the rodeo. Jill caught a frizbee that the rodeo clown was throwing out. At least we now have half of our big ticket items taken care of. I was getting sick of driving Sara to work everyday anyways, just kidding babe 😉
*Update: I forgot to mention the new addition to the farm. ‘Big Mama’ finally had her calf at the beggining of this week. George tenatively named him Murphy because of his long legs. He’s really tall for a new born calf, I’ll put a picture of him up here soon.

From Parkways to Pastures : Day 6

Day 6:

Let there be light! Finally a sunny day, it took almost an entire week, but the sun reared its face and gave this place some love. The oppresive grayness has deminished. I took the car to Mr. Smith?s for a tune-up and PA car inspection. Since I had to leave my car Aunt Bonnie picked me up and I spent the day over there. We had a good time, I played with Zeker?s a bunch and helped Aunt Bonnie with her computer some. Abigail came over to do some stuff and I eventually picked Sara up to hang out as well since my car was taking a lot longer than I thought it was going to.

We went outside after some grilled cheese sandwiches and played on the trampoline. Sara told me that she?s never been on a large trampoline before and I couldn?t believe her. I still don?t in fact, how can anyone have never been on a big trampoline? Since every Wal-Mart across America sells them things for under $400 now I thought they were a staple in every yard. Oh well, she had fun. We are heading back over there tonight for a Skybacher Ministries? meeting and for some Buzzies Pizza.

After we picked up my car I went outside because George was feeding the cows. I decided to snag my camera and took some pictures since the sun was finally out. It wasn?t especially warm out, but very nice none the less.

From Parkways to Pastures : Day 5

Day 5:
Worst day ever! We got up really early to hit the DMZ up for some PA state drivers licenses. Wouldn?t you know it, it?s impossible to get one. Not because the original birth certificates, social security cards, and Illinois drivers licenses weren?t enough. It was because we didn?t have enough mail with our new address. Well, we did, but gees were they freaking so picky about it. Hand written letters that have been stamped and gone through the postal system to the new address, sorry Charlie, not enough. Give me a break.

The whole day wasn?t a wash at least. We did manage to get our car insurance taken care of and also the car registered and a new plate for it. I also took the car down and got the transmission fluid changed and the system flushed. If you?ve never done this before and you?ve owned your car for about 5 or more years, I highly recommend this. Then I got the car washed and all spiffed up. So it started crappy and got better. Not much else happened.

From Parkways to Pastures : Day 4

Day 4:

Sara and I received massages from my mom this morning. Then we took her out to lunch as a thank you. We?ve been pretty sore because of all the moving. Afterwards we picked up our Race for the Cure bibs, which is a 5k that benefits Breast Cancer research on Mother?s Day in Schenley Park in Pittsburgh.

When we got home we cleaned more stuff up. I replaced the cow pasture toilet seat cover, um gross. I organized the attic a bit and I hung up the rest of our pictures and clocks too. I think we are almost done with moving stuff in and re-arranging.

Finally, no one was gorging us with food and we just had leftovers. Still though, they were some pretty tasty leftovers to boot. After dinner Sara left to pick up Amanda and they were headed to American Eagle and Barnes & Noble in Cranberry.

These posts seem to be getting smaller and smaller each day.