Here Goes Nothing!

In a few minutes I’ll be heading out for my first long grueling day of ABVD chemotherapy.  I’ll be getting treatment for about eight hours today.  I just hope with all of the many drugs they will be giving me that none of them react badly to me or each other and I make it through such a long day.  Sara is coming with me to keep me company.

All or nothing, Round 1 FIGHT!

Update: I’m home and happy to be here.  We spent a loooooong day getting chemo.  They started the first drugs around 8:30am this morning and we finished up the last at 3pm. I was hooked up the whole time and had to cart my little drip bag around with me to the bathroom, of which I frequented.  Sara got me lunch around 12:30pm, Wendy’s to the rescue!

They started the Rituxan drip last, which took about three hours alone.  While Sara was out getting lunch I started getting itchy on my scalp. A Cortisone drip had to be added while I was finishing the Rituxan. We made it! 1 down, only 11 more treatments to go!!!

We stopped at Giant Eagle’s pharmacy on the way home to pick up some prescriptions for nausea and other stuff associated with the drugs. They are precautionary, hopefully I won’t have to use them.

Thank you everyone for thinking of us and praying for us for today. It was nerve racking in anticipation, but I feel as though it went very well. I’m not looking forward to next time, but at least I know what to expect.  Check out all of the photos below.

p.s. – When I got home I check my emails of course. But I also checked a package I’m tracking for a new iPod battery I ordered online. Well check out where it showed up today! Not funny UPS, not funny…okay maybe a little.

5 thoughts on “Here Goes Nothing!

  1. Jane

    Those hive pictures make me feel itchy!

    Since you were decked in Dick’s Sporting Goods Clothing, I think that should count as a work day. Free advertising! Hello!

  2. Trish

    Oh Ben…The first one is the worst in some ways…you know what to expect from that part at least! I’m sending prayers and good vibes every day. You’ll beat this!


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