Ireland Day 14, Navan to Thrifty, Dublin Airport, London, D.C. to Pittsburgh

High class, lay-overs, lay-overs, lay-overs oh my!

Okay first off, we didn’t sleep last night.  We went to what we both thought was our favorite place to eat last night in Navan.  I had a steak and got food poisoning or my nitrates aversion kicked in around 12:30am and I got deathly ill.  I passed out twice while the head hovered over the bowl.  I spare most of the gory details.  Suffice to say I wanted to not be in Ireland anymore.  Problem was I was so sick I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make the flight let alone drive us to the airport since Sara couldn’t do it!

But come morning, I forced myself to shower and get ready to fly.  It was the worst traveling experience ever!  I’m not a big fan on airplane toilets to begin with, but after three different flights I’ve become intimate with them all.  And just in case you ever decide to travel and our on a big plane, there is usually a handicap bathroom, use it the extra 2 square feet really help.

We made it through four airports, many security checkpoints, and numerous bathroom breaks.  Sara’s parents picked us up at midnight at the Pittsburgh Airport.

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