Ireland Day 12, Coleraine, the Giant's Causeway and Coast to Belfast

Only a few more days to go and we are just turning the corner on Ireland’s full circuit. Sara and I keep just pinching ourselves at all of the amazing sites we’ve seen and things we’ve done over the past two weeks. It has really been a fantastic time.

Today we drove along the northern coast to see the remains of the famed Dunluce Castle. It was very cold and windy but kept you on your toes not knowing if you were going to fall into the sea with the remains.

Then we drove to the Giant’s Causeway and walked its geometric shaped steps into the sea. We ended up picking up a nice little water color painting on the Dunluce Castle while we were at the Giant’s Causeway visitor’s center.

After that we went to Bushmill’s Distillery for a tour and some whiskey tasting just to see how much hair Sara can grow on her chest. She wimped out and got a hot toddy instead of the standard glass of whiskey, but honestly I don’t blame her. My gums are still numb.

Then we traveled to a small town in the area called Dunseverick to find an old Protestant church that my friend from work has ancestors buried in. Unfortunately the weather turned very bad on us and it started snowing! I did see three head stones with the McCurdy name but the gates were closed and I was getting soaking wet.

Finally we had planned to walk the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge but due to the precipitation we couldn’t do it. It was a very cold day. I wish we could say that our holiday is ending with a bang, but more Ireland is kicking us out and sending us home cold and with nothing left in our pockets.

I’d like to say tomorrow will be great, but the weather forecast isn’t in our favor and we aren’t sure that we are going to follow through with our final plans if it’s going to rain on us all day long.

We are both coming home with a sniffle and a sour throat to give to everyone. Cheers!

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