Trip Planning During A Meltdown

Sara and I are leaving for Ireland next Friday! Here is a little teaser of where we are planning to go while we are there for two weeks. The map below is where we plan to stay each night and some of the sites we plan to visit. This map should update when we make changes. Stay posted as I plan to blog and post photos along the way. If I’m not too wasted on Guinness!

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3 thoughts on “Trip Planning During A Meltdown

  1. Mindy

    Hey Ben! I was just thinking to myself the other day, “I wish I knew where Sara and Ben are going in Ireland and where they’ll be staying…” Thanks so much posting this so I can picture where you guys are! I hope you have the BEST time!!!!

  2. benjamindmurphy

    You are welcome Min! I’ll be trying to update it as we go along to show where we actually visited. The B&B’s should be accurate though since we’ve already booked them to stay.

  3. Jane

    Hi Ben and Sara! I will love looking at the map while the days go by! Be careful and savor every moment! Have a good Irish beer for me. I can’t wait to see pictures!

    Love you guys,


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